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Wissenschaftliches Schreiben für die Forschungsphase
Wissenschaftliches Schreiben für die Forschungsphase
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Infoveranstaltung: Das Doktorat an der Universität Wien
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Die Postdoc-Programme der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Welcome Days
Welcome Days
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Workshop Programme of the Center for Doctoral Studies

The Center for Doctoral Studies offers workshops from the following categories. The workshops are of interdisciplinary nature and form a complementary offer going beyond courses offered by specific faculties.

Please note, the participation in workshops in the research phase is subject to an accepted research proposal. Participants need to have passed the public presentation. For questions concerning the course programme please contact the Center for Doctoral Studies: 

III. Presentation skills and Science communication in GERMAN

IV. Academic writing, presenting and communicating in ENGLISH

VI. Career development and organizing projects

VII. Science Communication/Public Engagement

Target groupWorkshopCourse language
Research Phase

Social Media in der Wissenschaftsvermittlung


VIII. Analyzing Data

Target groupWorkshopCourse language
Entry and Research PhaseWorkshops on R, Atlas ti, SPSS are offered by the ZIDDE/EN

IX. Teaching Competences