March 2021

30 March, 16:00-17:30
Online Webinar

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Registration deadline: 25 March

ESPRIT - The new postdoc programme of the FWF

The FWF has renewed its postdoc programs and launched with the new ESPRIT programme ((„Early-Stage-Programme: Research–Innovation–Training“) a career support program for highly qualified postdocs from all disciplines at the beginning of their scientific careers. The programme aims to provide researchers with the best possible support in their career development, to anchor them in Austria's top research community, and to further advance equality and diversity.

The Afternoon Talk offers an opportunity to learn more about the programme and to clarify questions regarding objectives, application, submission and review with an expert from the FWF. Sudeshna Boro Saikia, Lise Meitner fellow at the Institute of Astrophysics, will also talk about her experiences in obtaining postdoc projects and give tips on submitting applications and implementing the own postdoc project.


  • Dr. Barbara Zimmermann, FWF
  • Dr. Sudeshna Boro Saikia, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Astrophysics
  • Mag. Allison O'Reilly, Research Service and Career Development, University of Vienna

May 2021

18 May, 16:00-17:30

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This Talk takes place with the Ludwig Boltzmann Career Center

EU Careers: How to apply to EU institutions and agencies

Many early stage researchers search for career opportunities outside academia after completing their PhD. In this talk, Daniel Spichtinger will discuss career possibilities at European institutions and what requirements and benefits of an EU career are. He will provide an overview of various career paths within EU institutions and agencies and introduce the different selection procedures used. Participants will learn where to look for relevant job opportunities at EU institutions, which qualifications applicants need to have and which different types of contracts and selection procedures are in place. Before joining the Ludwig Bolzmann Gesellschaft in 2018, Daniel Spichtinger worked for six years for the European Commission as Senior Policy and Project Officer.


  • Mag. Daniel Spichtinger, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

June 2021

8 June, 16:00-17:30

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Patents and inventions – Basics for scientists & doctoral candidates from all disciplines

Inventions created by scientists can be protected by filing a patent via the technology transfer office of the University. Within this afternoon talk we address basic questions like what a patent actually is and which inventions are patentable. We will discuss the advantages of protecting your invention by a patent such as opening the opportunities for cooperation with industry partners and facilitating acquisition of third party-funds. Being an employee of the University of Vienna, you will also receive inventor’s remuneration upon successful commercialization of your invention. Within this Afternoon talk experts from the technology transfer office and an external expert from the patent office will share their knowledge and experiences (speakers to be announced).