Introduction to the multidisciplinary database Web of Science

This workshop offers an introduction to the database Web of Science. In this multidisciplinary database all bibliographic data (title, authors, source) can be found. Additionally abstracts and the reference list are saved in an attachment to the article and can be searched. This reference attachment is so to speak, the trade mark of this product as it combines the function of a reference- with a citation database. This allows you to find all publications which cite a specific publication of a scientist, an institution or a country). Approximately 9200 scientific journals with around 37 million articles of all disciplines are thereby analyzed.

ISI Web of Knowledge (with its main part Web of Science as well as further analytical tools) is the classic tool to answer following questions:

  • How is research developing in my field?
  • What are new “hot topics” and research trends?
  • What are the main (and constantly cited) articles in my field?
  • How visible are my publications?
  • How can I enhance my visibility?
  • What is the impact of my publication? (How often are my publications cited?)
  • How many citations do my publications need in order to range along the best?
  • Who are my competitors in my field?
  • How is my research output in comparison to the output of my competitors?

Aims: Optimal application of this database (Web of Science) and the additionally offered analytical tools (Journal Citations Reports, JCR, Essential Science Indicators, ESI, etc), be it for literature search or for the choice of the right journals for own publications of research results.


17 March 2021, 2pm - 5pm
Location: online

Registration: online

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Juan Gorraiz

Juan Gorraiz absolvierte das Studium der Physik an den Universitäten Madrid und Wien. Seit 1987 ist er Leiter der Benutzungs- und Informationsabteilung der zur Universität Wien zugehörigen Österreichischen Zentralbibliothek für Physik, die 2004 Teil der Organisationseinheit Bibliotheks-und Archivwesen der Universität geworden ist. Seit 1991 beschäftigt er sich mit Bibliometrie, sowohl mit der praktischen Anwendung bei der akademischen Evaluation als auch in der Lehre. Er unterrichtet im Rahmen des Fachhochschul-Bachelorstudiengangs Informationsberufe in Eisenstadt und des Interuniversitären Universitätslehrgangs Master of Science "Library and Information Studies" an den Universitäten Wien und Innsbruck. Seit 2008 leitet er das Team Bibliometrie der Universitätsbibliothek Wien und ist Mitglied im Steering Committee sowie Vortragender der neu gegründeten European Summer School for Scientometrics (esss).

Juan Gorraiz hält für das DoktorandInnenzentrum Workshops zu Introduction to the multidisciplinary database Web of Science und Publication Strategies in the Academic "Publish or Perish" Competition sowie zu Introduction to SciVerse Scopus.