Introduction to R

R is a very powerful and versatile computing environment and a tool for statistical data analysis. R is an open-source tool and it is developed by its users. The goal of this course is to provide students with enough knowledge on R so they can learn new techniques by themselves and/or follow advanced courses taught in R. Each participant is given with help of practical exercises a gradual introduction to working with the statistical program R. After explaining the statistical background, the handling of R is demonstrated using smaller samples.


First day:

  • The R console
  • Expressions and Assignments
  • Vectors & Matrices
  • Simple graphs
  • General help options

Second day:

  • Data Processing
  • Graphics creation
  • Simple loops
  • Correlation & Linear Regression Models

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Basic statistical knowledge is assumed (e.g. descriptive statistics, basics of regression analysis).
  • No previous knowledge of R is required.

Target group: Doctoral candidates who need a compact introduction or refresher on statistical methods and their application in R.

Date & Registration

26 April 2017, 9:00-16:00 and
27 April 2017, 9:00-16:00

Location: Class Room 1 (CLS 1), Hof 7, Eingang 7.1., 1. Stock, Spitalgasse 2

Trainer: Alexander Hirner

Registration: Online via U:Space

Registration takes place exclusively online via U:Space. We are sorry, but we cannot consider e-mail registrations. Please, mind the registration deadline, which generally ends 3 weeks before start of a course. With your registration you commit yourself to participating in the whole workshop. Course material is sent to a participant's unet e-mail address and has to be taken along to the workshop.