Bank Austria Award

How to apply

Please fill in this online form carefully. A successful online submission will be automatically confirmed by e-mail.

In addition to your online submission, please send one set of your application documents (printout of the online form and the copies of the uploads) per mail to:

Research Services and Career Development
Bergasse 7
1090 Wien

(compliance with the deadline will be assessed by the date of posting as shown by the postmark on the envelope).

Applications can only be considered if the application documents are complete and submitted by the deadline.
Please note that the postal and electronic documents have to be identical. In the case of different submissions, the application will not be considered.

- Angaben zum Forschungsprojekt -
Der Preis wird in jährlicher Rotation für jeweils eine Gruppe von Fakultäten ausgeschrieben. Für dieses Jahr werden Einreichungen aus folgenden Fakultäten/Zentren entgegengenommen:
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By submitting the online form you confirm the accuracy and completeness of any information and agree to participate in the official awards ceremony at the University of Vienna.

The decision will be taken by the Bank Austria Foundation for Science and Research.

It should be noted that the award is in competition based on the documents submitted and the financial ability. The decision is final.