uni:docs Fellowship Programme

Research Proposal

The research proposal is a description of the dissertation project regarding content and methodology. The application needs to be submitted in the prevailing scientific language of the specific research field so that an international peer-review is possible. However, in the Life- and Natural Sciences the application must be in English. The application language is not necessarily the language in which the dissertation will be authored. A research proposal for the uni:docs fellowship must include the following chapters:

1. Current state of research and own research goals
1.1. Current state of research
1.2. Positioning of own research project

2. Goals and work plan
2.1. Scientific goal of the dissertation
2.2. Description of methods
2.3. Work plan
2.4. Required financial and material expenses

3. Planned co-operations (optional)

4. Preliminary bibliography

Please note: Submitted research proposals must include the above mentioned information and chapters. The research proposal must not be longer than 10 pages (including the bibliography). Documents longer than 10 pages cannot be uploaded. The research proposal is to be composed with font size 11 and 1.5 spacing. After the deadline, the online submission is closed.

Statement of the supervisor

After the online submission of your application, your supervisor will be automatically asked to submit a statement as well. This statement includes an evaluation of the candidate (ability to think critical, state of knowledge, social competences and ability to work in a team) as well as of the dissertation project (innovation, methodological standards, ...).

Please note: Inform your supervisor early enough of your plans to apply for a uni:docs fellowship, and the duties this will involve for him or her. The supervisor’s statement has to be submitted online before the submission deadline.

International peer-review

Every research proposal will be reviewed by at least one external reviewer (from outside the University of Vienna). In this process the scientific quality will be evaluated. Reviewers will be asked to assess the proposals according to following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Methodological standards
  • Scientific relevance
  • Current state of research
  • Goals and work plan

The Guidelines for Reviewers can be found here.