Entrepreneurship and Strategic Communication

Academic research in Europe is witnessing an important transition phase. As the number of PhD holders increases, it is critical to equip researchers with the talents, business skills, and entrepreneurial capacity to be competitive in the evolving markets. 

With this workshop, researchers will learn fundamental methods of business innovation and hypothesis driven entrepreneurship, and how to apply these to their projects. In addition, they will acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with different audiences, including stakeholders, policy makers, other researchers, journalists, and the public. The Strategic Communication module will also emphasize practical skills (based on social science theory) in pitching, and in persuasive communication for different contexts and audiences.

The workshop package is structured to teach researchers how to navigate an entrepreneurial journey - from idea generation to starting their own business, and will focus on core concepts from strategic communication. Participants will be trained in state-of-the-art techniques to foster their creativity working in teams. The workshop will focus on core concepts in capacity building and active learning, using the approach pioneered by the Harvard Business School, that is currently used by leading Business Schools worldwide.


27 September 2021, 9-17:00
28 September 2021, 9-17:00
29 September 2021, 9-17:00 and
30 September 2021, 9-17:00

Location & Registration

Please note: The workshop will be limited to up to 15 participants. 


Dr. Marco Masia is a scientist and entrepreneur. With a MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Physics, he has worked as a Professor of Theoretical Chemistry for ten years at the University of Sassari. He has published many high impact papers (in Science, and other highly ranked journals), participated in European projects, and collaborated with diverse research teams across the world. With a Masters of Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Business, he has founded and managed a start-up, has managed a large non-profit organization, and currently advises start-ups and SMEs. The training syllabus draws from his unique experience in research, business and entrepreneurship, and management, and is tailored specifically to researchers.

Dr. Nehama Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Haifa. She completed her doctorate at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania (2006-2010), followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Psychology at Florida International University (2010-2012). Alongside her academic research, she is a consultant for AI-based social media health behavior campaigns in the private sector and has been principal investigator on several research projects in strategic communication. The training draws from Dr. Lewis’unique expertise in persuasion and communication and is tailored specifically to researchers.