13 March 2023, 11-12:30


Getting started - Navigating your PhD at the University of Vienna

A doctorate is an exciting but also very demanding undertaking. Many doctoral candidates start this project without concrete planning and quickly experience frustration and disappointment. In this webinar we discuss how the doctorate is organised at the University of Vienna and what else needs to be taken into account besides the research on the dissertation project. We discuss some common pitfalls doctoral candidates often struggle with and how to avoid them.

The webinar is specifically aimed at first-year doctoral candidates.



  • Dr. Bianca Lindorfer | Center for Doctoral Studies, University of Vienna


8 May 2023, 11-12:30

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How about Teaching? Getting Started & Pulling Through

Barbara Louis, a teaching in Higher Education specialist from the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Angelika Hudler, PhD candidate (ÖAW DOC) at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, discuss how we learn what it’s like to teach while working on a PhD. Barbara will offer some advice based on her work with PhD candidates who are new to teaching, while Angelika, who taught her first course at the University this past winter semester, will provide her insights and takeaways from this experience. We will cover the following topics: How to get started and where to find support; common challenges and possibilities to handle them; benefits of an early-career teaching experience; finding a balance between research, teaching, and other responsibilities. 


  • Dr. Barbara Louis | Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Vienna
  • Angelika Hudler, PhD candidate, Department of Byzantine and Mnodern Greek Studies


5 June 2023, 11-12:30


Preparing your first postdoc application

After the PhD, what’s next? Your first postdoctoral step will be very important for your future academic career, so planning early is essential. This webinar gives you a brief overview on what awaits you in academia after finishing your PhD with a specific focus on the most relevant funding opportunities for your first postdoc position, timelines, etc.


  • Mag. Barbara Leitner | Research Service and Career Development, University of Vienna

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