Practicing Conference Conversation and Academic Discussion

This workshop follows up on the two seminars English Conversation in the Conference Context and Discussion Strategies in the Academic Context and provides ample opportunity to practice communicative situations in either of the two contexts.

Participants will practice typical situations individually, in pairs, small groups or plenary. Trainer and peer feedback consolidate the learning effect.

Based on participant interests and individual needs, specific communicative situations will be trained to foster doctoral students’ competence and confidence in the skills typically required to act professionally in such contexts.

 Please note:

Participation is subject to the successfully passed public presentation of your dissertation project.


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Location: Center for Doctoral Studies, Berggasse 7, 1090 Vienna, Seminar room 2 (2nd floor)

Registration: Online via Univis online

Registration takes place exclusively online via UNIVIS. We are sorry, but we cannot consider e-mail registrations. Please, mind the registration deadline, which generally ends 3 weeks before start of a course. With your registration you commit yourself to participating in the whole workshop. Course material is sent to a participant's unet e-mail address and has to be taken along to the workshop.


Martin Buxbaum

Martin Buxbaum studied English and Russian at the Universities of Vienna and Toronto and, after several exciting years in performing arts management and as a theatre company and stage director, has been working as an English and soft skills trainer and freelance translator since 1999. As English Coordinator at FH des BFI Wien since 2004, Martin teaches a wide range of English language / skills courses (Moderating, Presenting, Meetings, Negotiations, …) and regularly organises English-language activities for students and staff. Martin also works as a language & skills trainer at the University of Vienna Language Centre, especially in staff development and with doctoral students, for whom he offers seminars on English Conversation in the Conference Context, Discussion Strategies in the Academic Context and Presentations Techniques. In addition, he practices psychodrama and role playing (Moreno) for personal and group development; over the past few years he has also been running a Cuban salsa dance studio in Vienna.