Patenting bioinfomatics inventions

22 June 2022, 16:00-17:30
Lecture for Faculty, PhDs and Postdocs in Life Sciences

Do you think that you can’t get patents for bioinformatics inventions. Think again! Or join our seminar to hear from experienced patent examiners from the European Patent Office what is/isn’t patentable in the field of bioinformatics. This 1,5 hours lecture has been specifically designed for doctoral and post-doctoral students in bioinformatics and looks at the importance of patents as a means of protecting inventions. The focus is set on how to best protect and exploit the research results by raising awareness on patents and what the benefits are to know more about how to protect ideas. In the live online session, we will do a deep dive into the subject of protecting inventions specifically in the field of bioinformatics. Use this possibility to interact with patent experts during the online sessions.

Self-paced preparation
Before the online sessions, participants are invited to study the preparatory material to be provided to the registered participants:

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Online session with European Patent Office experts
22 June 2022

16:00 Set the scene: the latest development in the field of bioinformatics
Matthias Hilbig, team manager and examiner, European Patent Office
16.20 Q&A
16.30 How to protect bioinformatics inventions
Werner Thumbs, patent examiner, European Patent Office
17:10 Q&A
17:30 End

Matthias Hilbig is a team manager at the EPO and is currently responsible for a team of examiners dealing with patent applications in the field of healthcare informatics and bioinformatics. Having studied computer science in Germany and France, he graduated in the field of healthcare informatics at the TUM München. In 2003 he joined the EPO as a patent examiner and has mainly been responsible for the technical area of bioinformatics. He is a member of the EPO’s CII working group in charge of drafting the EPO Guidelines relating to computer-implemented inventions (CII).

Werner Thumb works as a patent examiner in the field of healthcare informatics and bioinformatics. He studied Biochemistry at the University of Vienna and did his PhD work at the Novartis Research Institute. He joined the EPO in the year of 2000 and worked in the field of biochemical diagnostics, before joining his current team.



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