Uni:docs Fellowship Programme for Doctoral Candidates

The uni:docs fellowship programme offers individual scholarships which aim at financing excellent doctoral candidates. Successful fellows will be employed at the University of Vienna for a period of three years. The fellowship will provide outstanding early stage researchers with conditions that allow them to focus exclusively on their research and thus make substantial contributions to science.

Target group: Highly qualified (prospective) doctoral candidates at the University of Vienna.

Application deadline: 31 October 2017 till 19 January 2018 (15:00 pm)

Please note: Applicants need a supervisor at the University of Vienna, who agrees to support the application. Supervision has to be clarified before the submission.

All applications have to be submitted online through the funding portal of the Service Unit Research Services and Career Development.


Application deadline and submission
Application documents
Selection procedure


Here you can find aswers to questions about the application process, external applications and enrollment, the interview and the review process, as well as the first year evaluation.

If you have questions which are not answerd in the FAQ section, please contact funding.doktorat@univie.ac.at