Let's Talk About - Sparkling Science 2.0

This episode is about the Sparkling Science 2.0 programme, funded by BMBWF.

Sparkling Science 2.0 is a programme funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and is coordinated by the OeAD. The core of the programme is the collaboration with schools as Citizen Science partners. Ina Hahn from the Research Services talks to computer scientist Oliver Hödl and cognitive biologist Didone Frigerio about their experiences with the Sparkling Science programme and Citizen Science in general. 

Listen to this episode to learn which challenges and rewards they faced when collaborating with non-scientific partners and why the call should intrigue everyone interested in reflecting their own research.

Contact for feedback on the episode or inquiries about the Sparkling Science programme: foerderungen.national@univie.ac.at