Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Are you ready to learn how to turn your research results and knowledge into innovative solutions to make a tangible difference? In the past few decades, we have witnessed the growth of (social) entrepreneurship and innovation from academic research. As it has been recently recognized by the European Council, equipping researchers from all disciplines with entrepreneurial competencies is key to supporting their career development in a fast-paced world and creating the premises to meet complex social challenges.

In this workshop, you will learn fundamental methods of business innovation and hypothesis-driven entrepreneurship, and how to apply these to your entrepreneurial ideas. We will discuss how to navigate an entrepreneurial journey, from idea generation to starting your own venture (either for- or not-for-profit). You will be trained in state-of-the-art techniques to foster your creativity working in teams, and you will acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with different audiences, including stakeholders, policymakers, other researchers, journalists, and the public.

Next workshop:

  • Date:
    3 July 2024, 9-17:00 and
    4 July 2024, 9-17:00
  • Target group:
    doctoral candidates and
    early postdoctoral reserachers at the University of Vienna

Location & Registration

Please note: The workshop will be limited to up to 20 participants.


Experts of Academic Entrepreneurship, Clara Conrad-Billroth and Marco Masia, are technology transfer managers at the University of Vienna where they run the entrepreneurial programmes. Marco also serves as Academic Chair for innovation of the European University Initiative alliance Circle-U. The training syllabus draws from their unique experience as start-up founders and as managers of non-profit organisations, and is tailored specifically to researchers from all disciplines.