Workshop: Doctoral Supervision, Methods & Tools

Supervisors play a significant role in helping PhD candidates to realize their full potential and develop into competent, independent researchers that generate high-level scientific results.The purpose of this course is to expand supervisors’ repertoire of concrete hands-on tools and strategies to make supervision a professional, effective, and enjoyable process. The purpose is also to create a safe space for supervisors to reflect on their role and to exchange experiences with other supervisors.

At the end of the course, you have increased skills in:

  • aligning expectations with PhD candidates early and regularly regarding roles, time plans, and outcomes of the project,
  • balancing conflicting needs, e.g., between support and structure, between product and process, and between being private and professional,
  • providing constructive text feedback,
  • encouraging PhD candidates’ independence and ownership of their projects,
  • managing potential crises in the candidates’ research journey


When & Where

16 October 2023, 9am-3pm &
17 October 2023, 9am-3pm

Place: Personalentwicklung der Universität Wien, 1010 Wien, Universitätsring 1, Stiege 10, Seminar room 11

Course language: English

Registration is closed


Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, PhD

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen is a Senior researcher at Aarhus University of Denmark and an established publishing researcher in the field of supervison. Gitte has 20+ years of experience with running supervisor development programs at European universities at all levels from Bachelor supervision to PhD supervision.

Your preparation:

You only need to allocate approx. 15 minutes to prepare before the first workshop day. The instruction is to briefly describe a real and current challenge in your PhD supervision. If you don’t experience a concrete challenge, you are welcome to describe general issues that you face in PhD supervision or problems that you expect to encounter in case you are new to PhD supervision. The facilitator will use your descriptions in the planning of the seminar, and you must be willing to share it with other the participants orally in small groups. Remember to anonymize alle names. It can be written in a drafty style since only the facilitator (Gitte) will read it. Please send it (approx. ½ page) to the facilitator, Gitte Wichmann-Hansen ( no later than September 17, 2023