Cooperation between the University of Vienna and the IST Austria - Access to Doctoral Studies Courses

PhD students of the University of Vienna and IST Austria can attend doctorate-specific courses of both institutions. Course achievements (i.e. ECTS credits) done at one institution can be recognized by the other, nevertheless the crediting has to be clarified with the respective institution.

Course Participation at the IST Austria

All lectures at IST Austria are published on this website. If you have not been registered at IST Austria so far, your first registration will be via the following website. If you already have participated in the IST Austria course program, you can simply log in here via the IQ portal using your access data. If you have any questions about the offered courses or the registration, please contact Sarah Seider of the IST Austria.

Course Participation at the University of Vienna

All lectures at the University of Vienna are published on this website. In case you are interested in course participation, please get in touch with Sarah Seider (Academic Affairs - IST Austria), she will organize your enrolment in cooperation with the Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna.