Interdisciplinary Cancer Research

A central goal of INDICAR is to further strengthen the role of post-doctoral researchers as critically thinking, independent, autonomous and risk taking researchers and innovators, who will contribute to the benefit of academia and society at large.

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Professionals in Doctoral Education

Doctoral education has been undergoing a dramatic change in the last decade in Europe. However, whereas the need for targeted investments in the personal and professional development of PhD candidates, support structures such as doctoral schools, and higher quality of scientific supervision are widely accepted, a proper investment in the professional development of administrative staff needed to support the overall endeavour is rather neglected...




Wissenstransferzentrum Ost

Das Wissens- und Technologietransferzentrum Ost (WTZ Ost) versteht sich als Plattform und Drehscheibe, um Forschungsergebnisse, neue Erkenntnisse, Technologien, Erfindungen und Know How nicht nur innerhalb der Universitäten optimal zusammen zu führen, sondern diese auch der Wirtschaft, unserer Gesellschaft und der Politik zugänglich zu machen.

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