As part of the digital transformation, the RIS Synergy project connects research information systems from Austrian universities, systems from funding agencies and public administration. RIS SYNERGY aims to improve data quality while at the same time conserving resources. This will be achieved via interfaces and common standards. The project also deals with the outline of a national research portal in the form of a joint concept study. The project’s synergies are intended to help strengthen Austria as a research location.

Duration: March 2020 to December 2024
Partners: 14 Universities and 4 funding agencies
Aims: Digitization and increased effectiveness in research management, resource conservation and increased competitiveness in science, improved data quality, standardized, open interfaces, implementation of the once-only principle, implementation of international standards for research results (CERIF), outline of a national research portal
Project Lead: Dipl.-Ing Sabine Neff, MSC; research information systems, TU Wien
Project Lead at the University of Vienna: Jakob Puttinger, Michael Greil
Project Management at the University of Vienna: Madeleine Harbich
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