Project Management Service

The Research Services and Career Development Office offers project management support for the University of Vienna's EU-funded projects that require management assistance.

The  Project Management Team offers different levels of service, which can be negotiated according to your individual needs. Examples of services include:


  • General Assistance
    • Assistance in resolving general project-related queries and problems
    • Connection to and/or assistance in communication with the Project Officer and/or other EU bodies
  • Resolving Project Implementation Issues
    • Support in all university related administrative steps, starting at the implementation stage after contract negotiations
    • Help to ensure that the project meets all required reporting deadlines
    • Submitting requests for amendments to the grant agreement if required
  • Budget Monitoring
    • Provide a constant over-view of the budget throughout the project's life-time
    • Provide regular reports to the PI on the project's financial situation
    • Provide internal project financial reports (for consortia)
  • Official Project Reporting
    • Provide assistance in using the EU Participant Portal (e.g. to submit reports and manage project deliverables)
    • Creation of financial reports
    • Implementation of the project audit
    • Connection to and/or assistance in communication with the Project Auditor
    • Creation of financial statement and Adjustments to the financial statement


The project management service is a supplemental offering to the existing third-party-funding assistance by several central units of the University of Vienna and is subject to a fee. This fee can be added to the budget at application stage.

The Project Managers

Borna Doracic joined the EU & International Funding Team of the University of Vienna’s Research Services Unit in June 2021,  where he works both in pre-award and in post-award for EU funded projects. He has previous experience in implementing three Horizon 2020 collaborative projects as a project partner and a Workpackage Leader and one Interreg Danube project as a member of the coordinating team. He has extensive experience of managing projects throughout their whole lifecycle, as well as developing proposals for numerous EU grants.

Michael Wimmer joined the Research Services and Career Development Office in 2011. In 2013 he became Project Manager of a Lifelong Learning Multilateral Actions project. Since then he has assisted PI’s in the management of several ERC Starting and Advanced Grants, FP7-ICT and Interreg projects. He was certified as a Junior Project Manager IPMA Level D® in 2016.

Want more information?

If you are interested in our services and/or want more information, please contact:

Borna Doracic, MEng.
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18280

Mag. Michael Wimmer
T +43-1-4277-18234