Application to Workshops

The workshop offer of the Center for Doctoral Studies is principally open to all doctoral candidates of the University of Vienna. However, in case of over-occupancy candidates of the University of Vienna are given preference.

We offer workshops in the entry phase of the doctorate and workshops for the research phase. Please note, the participation in workshops in the research phase is subject to an accepted research proposal. Participants need to have passed the public presentation. 


Registration takes place exclusively online via U:SPACE. We are sorry, but we cannot consider registrations made via e-mail. Please, mind the registration deadline, which generally ends 2 weeks before the start of a course. With your registraion you commit yourself to participating in the whole workshop. Course material is sent to a participant's webmail address ( or ) and has to be taken along to the workshop.

We would like to ask you to carefully plan the participation in the workshops you have chosen. Please note that a maximum number of participants is scheduled in order to ensure intense work with the trainers. Any unexcused failure of attendance prevents other doctoral candidates from taking part in the course. For participation in a workshop doctoral candidates receive a certificate of the Center for Doctoral Studies as well as confirmation note in the U:SPACE online system.

Please note:

Staying away twice unexcused leads to an exclusion from the workshop offer of the Center for Doctoral Studies in the next semester. Signing-out is ONLY possible until the end of the online application deadline via U:SPACE. Signing-out via e-mail after receiving a place is not considered as signing-out and also leads to an exclusion from the workshop offer. In this case you will not get back the placed points. Exceptions are only made if you can produce a note from your doctor or from your employer.

How to set points

After you have pre-registered for a workshop, you have to set points. The amount of set points reflects your preference to attend a specific workshop. Places are distributed only on the basis of the amount of set points (Co-registered persons do not get a place in case the workshop is overbooked). We do not follow the “first come, first served” system. You can vary the amount of set points until the end of the application period. Please notice that during the registration your status is set on “vorgemerkt”. If the status in your application process is “angelegt”, your application can not be considered when the available places are distributed. If your application is not successful, e.g. because others have set more points than you have, you will get your set points back. For each semester, you have in total 1000 points exclusively for workshops offered by the Center for Doc toral Studies. In case a workshop is not overbooked, you will also get with 0 points a place.

Cancellation of workshops

Please note that in case there are too few applications for a workshop (less than 75 percent of the maximum participation number), the workshop is cancelled. Registered students are informed via e-mail about the cancellation.