MSCA Fellowships: Success in 2022 for 14 Postdoctoral Researchers


The University of Vienna continues its success supporting excellent postdocs, as 14 outstanding researchers have been awarded in the 2022 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship Call

Funded by the European Union, the Marie-Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA-PF) enhances (through the implementation of an original and personalised research project) the creative and innovative potential of excellent postdoctoral researchers who wish to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. Open to all fields of research, the fellowship is a well-defined, 2-year-career stage.

Under the current funding programme Horizon Europe (2021 - 2027), the University of Vienna is the most successful Austrian organisation for hosting Postdoctoral Fellowships with 37 projects awarded thus far.

In addition to the 14 immediately successful projects, 11 high scoring applications were placed on the reserve list, and may be awarded at a later date if funding becomes available.

Compared to the EU success rate of 17.5% for the 2022 call, the success rate for applicants with the University of Vienna was 27.45%. The new post-docs represent 12 different countries from Europe and Asia and also notable is the percentage of female awardees. Female applicants made up 43% of the awardees, EU-wide; however, for the University of Vienna this percentage was 78.6%.

The new fellows are*:

  • Murad Abuzarli (Faculty of Physics)
  • Dóra Bogdán (Faculty of Chemistry)
  • Dinorah Cossio (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies)
  • Salambô Dago (Faculty of Physics)
  • Katja Fahrion (Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy)
  • Christoph Fink (Faculty of Social Sciences)  
  • Gaurab Ganguly (Faculty of Chemistry)
  • Jelena Katic (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • Sophie-Jung Kim (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies)
  • Ling Liu (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Katarzyna Nowak (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies)
  • Bianca Schuster (Faculty of Psychology)
  • Marta Sznajder (Faculty of Philosophy and Education)
  • Ivana Víšová (Faculty of Physics)

Since 2020, the University of Vienna has been running an Expression of Interest programme to attract excellent postdoctoral researchers to apply for a MSCA-PF with the University of Vienna. This, combined with the dedicated support services provided to applicants by the DLE Research Services and Career Development has resulted in not only an increase in the number of applicants with the University, but also an increase in the success rate for applicants.

Further incentive for applicants is the third year of salary given to the top-ranking applicants based on the evaluation scores provided by the European Commission. Funded by the University, the additional year allows the fellow and supervisor to carry out additional research, publication, training or grant writing.

The 2023 Expression of Interest programme is now open for submissions.

(*1 awarded fellowship was not accepted by the applicant)