The uni:docs fellowship programme is an individual scholarship which aims at financing excellent candidates for a period of three years. In October 2013, the following uni:docs fellows started their research position at the University of Vienna.

Markus Peter Beham

Department of Legal Philosophy, Law of Religion and Culture

Research project: Customary International Law for Moral Concepts: Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention as non-Treaty Obligations?

Supervisor: Christian Stadler

Successfully defended

Veronika Dubcova

Department of Classical Archaeology

Research project: Foreign motifs in the Minoan and Mycenaean religious iconography and their meaning

Supervisor: Fritz Blakolmer

Michael Hofbauer-Tsiflakos

Department of Mathematics

Research project: Chaotic behaviour of bouncing balls

Supervisor: Henk Bruin

Andrea Kahlbacher

Department of Egyptology

Research project: Der Tote vor dem Opfertisch - Genese eines Motivs. Untersuchungen zu den funerären Darstellungen des Mittleren Reiches.

Supervisor: Peter Jánosi

Sebastian Kletzl

Department of Philosophy

Research project: The Epistemology of Instruments

Supervisor: Martin Kusch

David Jan Krych

Department of Theater, Film and Media Studies

Research project: Die Wiener Hetzamphitheater - Theatralität und Animalität im 18. Jahrhundert

Supervisor: Stefan Hulfeld

Bernhard Leitner

Department of East Asian Studies

Research project: Laboratorium Wien-Tokyo – Zur Emergenz eines psychiatrischen Denkstils in Österreich und Japan

Supervisor: Ingrid Getreuer-Kargl

Nika Pende

Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology

Research project: RE-ATTACH: Reproduction Mechanisms of Host Attacheded Bacteria

Supervisor: Christa Schleper

Tamara Radak

Department of English and American Studies

Research project: No(n)Sense of an Ending? Time, Chaos and the Disruption of Teleology in Modernist Fiction.

Supervisor: Werner Huber

Sarah-Allegra Schönberger

Department of the Study of Religions

Research project: Vaiśravaṇa. Dämonischer Wächter und Herr der Reichtümer. Ikonographische Transformationen im Kulturtransfer zwischen Indien und dem sino-japanischen Raum.

Supervisor: Franz Winter

Elisabeth Steiner

Department of Business Administration

Research project: The Influence of Sensory Front-of-Package Information on Experiential Beliefs, Evaluation of the Physical Product, Post-Experience Beliefs, Willingness-to-Pay and Purchase Intention

Supervisor: Udo Wagner

Marc Philipp Wahl

Department of Numismatics and Monetary History

Research project: Motivwanderung westgriechischer Münzen im 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr.

Supervisor: Reinhard Wolters

Laura Castoldi

Department of Drug and Natural Product Synthesis

Research project: Organic Synthesis with Lithium Carbenoids at the Helm: Mechanistic Aspects and Applications in Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry

Supervisor: Wolfgang Holzer & Vittorio Pace

Eva Faul

Department of Nursing Science

Research project: Die Explikation von implizitem Wissen in der Pflege mit Hilfe eines partizipativen Aktionsforschungsansatzes und der Vergleich mit dem „Need-driven dementia-compromised behavior (NDB) model“ am Beispiel eines Falles aus der institutionellen Langzeitpflege

Supervisor: Hanna Mayer

Christina Jackel

Department of German Studies

Research project: Bestand und Bestandsgeschichte der deutschsprachigen Handschriften in der Stiftsbibliothek Kremsmünster

Supervisor: Stephan Müller

Theresa Kernecker

Department of Government

Research project: Legislative Careers: Examples from Latin America.

Supervisor: Wolfgang Müller

Gertraud Kremsner

Department of Education

Research project: Das Erleben von institutionellen und personalen Strukturen in den Biographien von Menschen mit Lernschwierigkeiten

Supervisor: Gottfried Biewer

Alexander Lecke

Department of Mathematics

Research project: Nicht-glatte Lorentzgeometrie und Kausalitätstheorie

Supervisor: Michael Kunzinger

Rafal Nawrot

Department of Palaeontology

Research project: Biodiversity dynamics of semi-enclosed marine basins: insights from Cenozoic molluscan faunas of Europe

Supervisor: Martin Zuschin

Andreas Pfaffel

Department of Applied Psychology: Work, Education and Economy

Research project: Predictive Validity in Selection Procedures. Correcting for Range Restriction with a Dichotomous Criterion.

Supervisor: Christiane Spiel

Successfully defended on 28 September 2016

Clemens Rauer

Department of Theoretical Chemistry

Research project: A quantum study on nucleobase dimerization leading to DNA photodamage: A singlet or triplet reaction path?

Supervisor: Leticia González Herrero

Daniela Schuh

Department of Science and Technology Studies

Research project: Re-framing citizenship in bio-constitutional futures. Transnational surrogacy and the re-ordering of citizenship in France and Germany.

Supervisor: Ulrike Felt

Reinhard Ulrich

Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Research project: Selecting equilibria from an ample choice: An interplay of dynamics, game theory and optimization

Supervisor: Immanuel Bomze

Defence on 14 July 2016

Gabriele Zaffagnini

Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Research project: Molecular Mechanisms of Cargo Selectivity in Human Autophagy.

Supervisor: Sascha Martens

Defence on 3 May 2016