uni:docs Fellows 2018

The uni:docs fellowship programme is an individual scholarship which aims at financing excellent candidates for a period of three years. In October 2018, the following 25 uni:docs fellows start their research position at the University of Vienna.

Maria Velkova

Department of Chromosome Biology,

Research project: The Role of the C. elegans RMI2 Ortholog in Meiosis

Supervisor: Verena Jantsch

Marlis Stubenvoll

Department of Communication

Research project: Why Misinformation Persists: The Role of Resistance to Corrections in Political News

Supervisor: Jörg Matthes

Christina Schuster

Department of English and American Studies

Research project: Marveling at Darcy Lewis: the subversive potential of Avengers fanfiction for representations of gender, sex/uality, and identity

Supervisor: Susanne Reichl

Hannah Silja Reiter

Department of Legal Philosophy

Research proposal: An International Comparison of Work-Life Experiences and Gendered Vocational Attidudes of Female Police Officers in the UK and Austria

Supervisor: Elisabeth Holzleithner

Laryn McLernon

Department of Linguistics

Research project: Improving Health Literacy Training and Communication Competencies for Health Professionals in Austria and Canada: A Comparative Study

Supervisor: Jürgen Spitzmüller

Barbara Mataloni

Department of Sociology

Research project: The creation of action space(s) through young people's leisure life practices: Bridging the gap between qualitative and quantitative research approaches

Supervisor: Jörg Flecker & Christoph Reinprecht

Miran Lemmerer

Department of Organic Chemistry

Research project: Taking electrophilic activation of amides to a new level

Supervisor: Nuno Maulide

Kristina Hutter

Department of Egyptology

Research project: Orte, Topographien und Raumstrukturen im Jenseitskonzept altägyptischer funerärer Texte bis ins Neue Reich

Supervisor: Gerald Moers

Tamara Halter

Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science

Research project: Genomic diversity of natural populations of environmental chlamydiae: The case of Rhabdochlamydia porcellionis

Supervisor: Matthias Horn

Katharina Ghamarian

Department of English and American Studies

Research project: Interrelated or independent ? An investigation of the relationship between attitudes towards vocabulary learning, learning behaviour and the development of vocabulary size over three semesters of study at the English Department of the University of Vienna

Supervisor: Ute Smit

Giancarlo Castellano

Department of Mathematics

Research project: Whittaker periods of isobaric sums over totally real fields and special L-values

Supervisor: Harald Grobner

Ria-Maria Adams

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research project: (Re-) Production of Social Identities: An Anthropological Approach to Cultural Adaptation Processes of Migrated Youth in Finnish Lapland

Supervisor: Peter Schweitzer

Clemens Ableidinger

Department of History

Research projekct: Psychiatrie als Diskurs- und Politikfeld: Entstehung und Entwicklung des Politikfelds mental health unter Franz Joseph I.

Supervisor: Peter Becker

Theresa Zekoll

Department of Microbiology, Immunobiology and Genetics

Research project: Analysis of non-visual opsins in the vertebrate central brain and body periphery

Supervisor: Kristin Tessmar-Raible

Luohao Xu

Department of Molecular Evolution and Development

Research project: Sex determination and sex chromosome evolution in two tilapias

Supervisor: Qi Zhou

Elias Tanuhadi

Department of Biophysical Chemistry

Research project: Towards the formation of high-nuclear metal-clusters and polyoxometalate-protein interaction studies

Supervisor: Annette Rompel

Thomas Seissl

Department of Philosophy

Research project: Jetzt. Das Problem der zeitlichen Indexikalität in der Aristoteles-Kommentierung der Spätantike

Supervisor: Georg Karamanolis

Tobias Riedl

Department of Classical Philology, Medieval and Neolatin Studies

Research project: Argument und Dichtung: Dichterzitate bei Chrysipp von Soloi

Supervisor: Stefan Büttner

Manveer Kaur Mangat

Department of Statistics and Operations Research

Research project: Stock Return and Volatility Forecasting with High-Frequency Data

Supervisor: Erhard Reschenhofer

Nedzad Kuc

Department of East European History

Research project: Investition in die Zukunft? Studierende aus Afrika in Jugoslawien während des Kalten Krieges

Supervisor: Marija Wakounig

Marianne Sophie Hollinetz

Department of Geodynamics and Sedimentology

Research project: Low-grade metamorphic units in the Eastern Alps: an important tectonic transition zone during mountain building

Supervisor: Bernhard Grasemann

Andreas Goreis

Department of Applied Psychology: Health, Development, Enhancement and Intervention

Research project: Psychobiological impact of ethnic discrimination on the health of Turkish immigrants living in Austria

Supervisor: Urs Nater

Maike Ferber

Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods

Research project: Reweighting of Binaural Cues: Generalizability and Applications in Cochlear Implant Listening

Supervisor: Ulrich Ansorge

Martina Borroni

Department of Microbiology, Immunobiology and Genetics

Reserach project: TTP-mediated mRNA decay in resilience against bacterial infection of the lung

Supervisor: Pavel Kovarik

Lisa Johanna Achathaler

Department of Systematic Theology and Ethics

Research project: Trust in God. Ethics of Hope in the Face of Ecological Devastation.

Supervisor: Kurt Appel