Award for doctoral candidates funded by

The Impact.Award 2023 funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs was given to eight active PhD students of the University of Vienna. The prize was awarded for outstanding dissertation projects with the potential to reach target groups outside the scientific community and to achieve social, cultural or economic added value.

The Awardees:

Raluca Chereji

Expert-to-Lay Communication: The Use of Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation Post-Editing (PEMT) in Translations for the Medical Domain

The impact of Raluca Chereji's research:

Catarina Martins Costa

From neuroepithelial morphogenesis to circuit formation: using organoid technologies to understand human brain development

Interview: Presenting...portraits of early stage researchers: Exploring the Human Brain: Unraveling Mysteries with Brain Organoids

The impact of Catarina Martins Costa's research:

Sophie Greistorfer

Glowing mucus - Characterization of the unique defence secretion of Latia neritoides (Gastropoda)

Article: (Rudolphina) Glowing snail mucus: The sticky future of biomaterials

Interview: Presenting...portraits of early stage researchers: A new biomaterial made of snail mucus: Sophie Greistorfer explains her research

The impact of Sophie Greistorfer's research:

Hayk Palabikyan

Converting carbon dioxide into bioplastics

The impact of Hayk Palabikyan's research:

Julia Reiter

Political development between politicization and radicalization: Understanding and measuring adolescents' and young adults' unconventional political development and engagement

Interview: Presenting...portraits of early stage researchers: Youth Radicalization: Research on Young Activism

The impact of Julia Reiter's research:

The impact of Ina Tessnow-von Wysocki's research:

MacKenzie Trupp

Art and wellbeing – Examining the circumstances and mechanisms of art interventions

Interview: Presenting...portraits of early stage researchers: Art and Wellbeing: Exploring the Power of Art

The impact of MacKenzie Trupp's research:

Claudia Wiesinger

Facilitating multilingual crisis communication: The applications of speech-enabled machine translation post-editing (PEMT) in crisis translation

Interview: Presenting...portraits of early stage researchers: Translation technology: Bridging language barriers in disaster relief

The impact of Claudia Wiesinger's research:

We would like to thank our jurors of the expertjury:

Stefanie Beßler, Innovation & Community Lead, Social Impact Award (SIA) 

Sigrid Koloo, Impact Thinker, Founder of Koloo Projects 

Peter Kühne, program lead Innovative Solutions, Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS)  

Joao Matos, Prof. Dept. of Chromosome Biology, University of Vienna 

Benjamin Missbach, Program Management Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF)  

Katharine Sarikakis, Prof. Department of Communication, University of Vienna 

Lucas Zinner, Head of Research Services and Career Development, University of Vienna